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But what if I fall?

Is there something you want to do that you’re delaying, or telling yourself you can’t?

When I found yoga 2 years ago I almost instantly decided I wanted to teach it, it was clear to me from very early on this was what was meant for me. I’ve had a variety of jobs since I was 16, never being unemployed unless through choice. Travelled as much as I can whilst building a home with my bf Dan. I’ve never known what I wanted as a career, just to earn money to pay for the things I enjoy like red wine and holidays.

But feeling what yoga did to me made me realise I wanted the power to share this feeling, teach it to anyone and everyone who will let me and spread it as far as I could.

Although at that time I had to accept I wasn’t ready, I needed to practice, to build physical and mental strength and open up my heart and mind to the world that yoga lives in. It’s been a long 2 years watching people around me qualify while I waited for my turn, stupefying and practicing and devoting more hours to this than I’ve ever done before.

I didn’t enjoy school, I didn’t enjoy studying and giving up my time for learning but it’s always felt different when the subject is yoga.

I spent October doing my teacher training and gained a huge amount, but it’s only ignited my want to study this further.

I never dreamt I’d sacrifice nights out and weekends away to save for something like studying, or that I’d spend my lunch breaks and evenings reading and watching reference guides to further my knowledge.

I booked my training a year in advance and was convinced that as soon as I got back I’d quit my full time job, regardless of the salary impact and pursue teaching full time. But I’ve realised recently that I’d be good for nobody if I was worried about paying my mortgage or too skint to join my friends for a coffee, what would I be able to share with people from this place? And suddenly the desperation dispersed.

I’ve realised I want to teach from the place I’m my heart that inspired me to consider this in the first place, so for that I need to be in the best place I can be for myself. I don’t have the desperate desire to quit and “run away” from the corporate life anymore, I have a new appreciation for what a regular pay cheque and some stability can do for me. For now it will free my head and my heart to create sequences that I’m so excited to share, it will afford me to deeper my study of the body and other elements of yoga that I’m just skimming the surface of.

Whatever it is you want to do, do it. Dream it up and then make it happen. Go all in or structure it, neither is better than the other and the universe will guide you to the best path for yourself, let go, follow the path and enjoy the ride!


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