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Strength & Stretch


Yoga blended with strength training.

Live, personalised and from the comfort of your own home!

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Are you ready?
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If you want to enjoy a hybrid of strength focused training with yoga movements and mindfulness then you're in the right place.

My strength & Stretch programme is designed for anyone seeking more balance, it will balance your yoga practice with fitness bringing you both strength and flexibility through weekly personal and group sessions via Zoom.

We will also journal and use daily affirmations, meditation and breathwork to help balance the mind.


I'll provide nutritional guidance to help you find a balance with food that allows freedom to enjoy it whilst harnessing its power to fuel you!

About Me
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A little bit about me, aka Yoga Megs..

I've been a yoga enthusiast since 2017, practicing over 15 hours a week by the time I went to India in October 2019 for my Ashtanga Teacher Training. I've devoted 100s of hours to my study and practice of yoga to ensure I can guide you safely and intuitively through your practice. 

Late 2020 I started working with a Personal Trainer following the of a friend in the search for a solution to my long term back ache, the results happened almost overnight! No more ache, the option to move further and deeper in my yoga practice thanks to the strength I'd gained.

I spent the first part of 2021 in lockdown just like the rest of the UK, this gave me lots of free time to work out and practice yoga, the more I did both the more I could feel my body change and I knew I just had to share this! So I embarked on a journey to become a personal trainer and from there Strength & Stretch has been born.

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A unique programme centred around a blended Yoga & Strength practice.

 Incorporating a whole-istic approach;

  • tailored 1-2-1 sessions

  • journalling

  • affirmations

  • meditation

  • restful yin yoga on demand

  • weekly group zoom sessions

  • tutorials

  • recipe inspo & nutritional guidance

All of this which will come together to help you #findbalance.

We're not here for fast fixes! This is a lifestyle to be lived not a finish line to be crossed. Together we will cultivate a healthy and well-rounded approach to movement, mindfulness and food. I will be here to answer any questions you need, tailoring your programme to your body and your goals specifically. 

Through Strength & Stretch we will build a community, you will have a WhatsApp group to connect with all the others also on their journey of seeking balance, together you will grow, learn & adapt,  building lasting habits for a healthy, full and happy life

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