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Balanced mind in a balanced body

Introducing my Strength and Stretch programme


Yoga blended with strength training, live, personalised and from the comfort of your own home!

Are you ready?
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A little bit about Yoga Megs

I've been a yoga enthusiast since 2017, practicing over 15 hours a week by the time I went to India in October 2019 for my Ashtanga Teacher Training. I've devoted 100s of hours to my study and practice of yoga to ensure I can guide you safely and intuitively through your practice. 

In late 2020 I started working with a Personal Trainer following a friend in the search for a solution to my long term backache, the results happened almost overnight! No more ache, the option to move further and deeper in my yoga practice thanks to the strength I'd gained.

I spent the first part of 2021 in lockdown just like the rest of the UK, this gave me lots of free time to work out and practice yoga, the more I did both the more I could feel my body change and I knew I just had to share this! So I embarked on a journey to become a personal trainer and from there Strength & Stretch has been born.

About Me

Student Feedback

Yoga at Home


I absolutely love taking Megs' classes as she has the ability to create a special and safe space to practice in. I find that Megs provides the right amount of guidance at the right time. Megs also has a great, comforting, teaching voice and each class seems to be paced and timed to perfection. I have taken a wide variety of classes by Megs, each one I have thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t recommend enough.

Child's Pose

Megs is truly one of the best yoga teachers in Liverpool. 

I had never done yoga before she introduced me and remember being so put off incase I made a fool of myself!

She immediately puts you at ease in class and is amazing at explaining the poses/variations.

Folding Yoga Mat


What can I say about Megs... She is one of the most kind hearted, warm people I know and this shows through her teaching in every class!

Each class is exciting and I always know going into it that I'm going to come out feeling energised and clear headed. Her positive energy flows through the classes and I have learnt so much since starting her weekly classes and my own practice has progressed so much with her professional guidance.

Thankyou for your continuous love and support and most of all thanks for being you


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